Structure of the Council

1.      The decision-making body consists of Members of the Council, approximately 35 Cardinals and Bishops from different parts of the world. Every two or three years a Plenary Assembly is convoked to discuss current issues and to set guidelines for the work of the Council.

2.      The advisory body is made up of about 30 Consultors who, residing in different continents, are specialists in the study of religions and  interreligious dialogue. They assist the Dicastery through their research and reflection. There are periodic meetings of consultors at a continental level.

3.      The executive body  is the permanent staff engaged in the work of the Dicastery and is made up of President, Secretary, Under-Secretary and different Officials for Islam, Traditional Religions, Asian Religions, New Religious Movements, and other administrative assistants and support staff.

4.      The Commission for Religious Relations with Muslims was  instituted by Pope Paul VI as a distinct body linked to the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue; it is composed of the President and Secretary of the Dicastery as well as eight other Consultors. Its task is to study religious relations between Christians and Muslims from different aspects and to promote possible exchange.